Elon Musk Introduces new Tesla Bot, a Humanoid Robot With Vehicle AI That Will Be Available Next Year

At Tesla's AI Event, CEO Elon Musk presented the Tesla Bot, a humanoid robot that performs activities such as food shopping using much of the A.I. technology used in Tesla's automated vehicle. Tesla did not present a working version of the robot during the event, but a performer acting as a Tesla Bot did. The prototype, according to Musk, will be available next year.

Elon Musk Introduces new Tesla Bot, a Humanoid Robot With Vehicle AI That Will Be Available Next Year

The unexpected announcement came at the close of Tesla's 90-minute AI Day presentation, during which Musk revealed a few specifics about the humanoid robot. The Tesla Bot is projected to stand 5'8" tall and weigh around 125 pounds, and it will be made of "lightweight materials," according to Musk.

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Tesla Bot Look

Tesla Bot Details 1

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The Tesla Bot will have a peak speed of 5 MPH, a deadlift of 150 pounds, a carrying capacity of 45, and an arm extend the lift of pounds, according to the specs given.

The Tesla Bot, according to Musk, will be meant to handle "dangerous, repetitive, and monotonous" chores like auto maintenance and grocery shopping.

Musk talked about how the Tesla Bot would change the way people work in the future. "I believe this will have a significant impact," Musk said. "Hard work will essentially be a choice in the future. You can do it if you want to, but you won't have to."

Musk has already spoken out against the deployment of robots as weapons and warned of the dangers they may bring.

"We should be concerned about AI," Musk remarked after the presentation during a question-and-answer session. "At Tesla, we're aiming to build usable AI that people enjoy and that is... absolutely wonderful."

It will most likely be some time before you can get your hands on a Tesla Bot, but Musk has stated that a prototype should be ready by next year.

Tesla is continuing to work on the Tesla Bot, codenamed Optimus Prime, and has invited anybody interested in being a part of the future of AI and the development of the Tesla Bot to join their team.

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