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How to sell furniture online on Pepperfry

To sell furniture online on Pepperfry: It is obvious that home is everyone's comfort zone, and people would love to live in luxury and elegance in all areas of the building. A home describes an individual's character and taste. The majority of people want to demonstrate their beauty and comfort in their homes. According to their whims and fancies, many would love to have a collection of modern, trendy, fancy, and antique things. We love to have a cozy home populated by much-loved ones, both people and things. This is why the furniture industry is booming in comparison to other sectors.

How to sell furniture online on Pepperfry

As a house is embellished to have a magical look with some furniture pieces, the new trend is different. And we like to see our living room filled with a safe living, eating, and sleeping environment.

The current situation allows everyone to have a physical store to showcase all the appealing pieces of furniture. However, there are also many more productive ways to meet your client. The viewing of items directly to your customers via online furniture stores such as Pepperfry is also a viable interaction method.

How to sell online furniture is the question? Could this have been exhausting for your mind? Here are some tips to help you find answers to the most effective way for Pepperfry to sell furniture.

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If you are looking to start selling furniture online, you should register with Pepperfry. The registration process for merchants is fairly rapid. Pepperfry does not need any paperwork about registration. Only click on the online registration form to register yourself as a trader on

As a merchant, registering at Pepperfry takes five steps:

Step 1: It is important to include specifics of your entity, i.e., the entity's name, the address of the entity, and the landline number. Also, note that the category includes you.

Step 2: You need to send personal information to the contact person, such as the contact person's name, the email address of the contact person, the mobile phone number of the contact person, and the password for the account.

Step 3: Verification of the mobile number of the contact person, as provided in Step 2. The system will automatically generate an OTP code to search your mobile number.

Step 4: If you agree to the terms of that agreement, read the Pepperfry Service Agreement and then click on, I REGISTER AS A MERCHANT.

Step 5: After Step 4 completion, check your inbox. Click on the link given in that email and complete the registration process by supplying the entity's bank information.

What are the items at Pepperfry that you can sell?

You can sell products at Pepperfry in the following categories:

  • Furniture
  • Homeware Products
  • Interior architecture
  • Children's Rooms
  • Bedding and Mattresses
  • Home Decoration
  • Lighting and Lamps

How do you get customers' orders?

Twice a day, when a customer places an order, Pepperfry's order management system will send you an email with the order details on your registered email ID, and it will also be displayed on your merchant dashboard.

Pepperfry integrates a merchant dashboard on the website to run and manage orders. You will handle your orders using the merchant's dashboard.

Pepperfry has a powerful, wide-ranging distribution network that enables you to provide your customers with your goods. For that, you have to send your articles to the nearest Pepperfry hub. However, if you have the distribution capability, you can ship the products on your own to the end-user.

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Online Furniture selling case study on Pepperfry

Pepperfry is the biggest online furniture shop in India. Ambreesh Murty and Ashish Shah formed Pepperfry in November 2011. Pepperfry mainly deals with home decor segments, such as furniture, lighting and lamps, kitchen appliances, household and bathroom equipment, and dining.

Pepperfry has been the first option for individuals in urban areas of the nation when it comes to purchasing home furniture. Pepperfry offers more than 1 million products to more than 500 cities to select from and distribute products.


Customers can sell their used furniture and can get Pepperfry gift cards in exchange for any purchase made on Pepperfry that can be redeemed. Will Pepperfry stay in the lead even after ten years, and should the company make changes to a more competitive economic model in its return policies and payment methods, something the company will have to consider in the future.

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