how to simplify your life

how to simplify your life

how to simplify your life: A situation we want to make simpler in our life is that our self problem. We can do anything for that, we can fight for our happiness and inner peace.

But is it easy to solve that, No? No, it's not easy to fight for a perfect life. Nobody has a happy and perfect life, moments can make a good day and your life.

I believe in good moments, but how moments can make you pleased, the only answer is that your strong mindset, your positivity, your ambition, Your guts.

If you strong and positive in any critical situation then you can simplify your bad moments into good times.

How to simplify your life is the biggest challenge of this century, researchers are saying that every 5 from 10 persons are suffering from depression and straight just because of dealing with their life. 

It's happening due to our satisfaction and our expectations.

From morning to night we are moving for our prosperous life, for our elegant dream, for coming to be an influential person but we have just forgotten to live a day and living moments. 

It's not unfair to do hard work for your goal and dream but do exactly.

how to simplify your life

We think that hard work is the only direction to figure out and simplify our life. Have you ever try to hear the voice of birds in the morning? have you ever try to meet your family and friends while your working schedule?

Do you ever try to remember your childhood friend during your weekend? have you ever do your favorite childhood activities?

Remember, the best earning in your life is a healthy mind and a healthy life. There is nothing without inner strength. Yes, do hard work for your dream. Be ambitious, positive, and powerful with a good mindset.

Every day is challenging for us, every problem is a lesson for us. Are 365 days the same as for everyone? No, It's not the same, but you can deal with it in the same way. You can simplify your life to do the right thing accurately.

There is no special medicine to simplify your life, only you can make your life easier. Develop your self, pamper your self, care your mental health, focus on your financial conditions, do some daily tasks for yourself. 

Follow these all things in your daily routine, follow this step by step. This is the real medicine for simplifying our life. It makes it easier to solve any situation.

So here I represent some challenging things which help to how to simplify your life.

1. Self-care :

Why self-care? self-care is the only way to becoming confident. Yes pampering your self, you get automatically self-confidence. There are many types of self-care like physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and personal care.

Our personality is based on our self- care, whatever you react, your body language is based on your self-care. So the first challenge of your simplifies your life is that self-care.

So here I suggest you some steps of self-care.


I always believe in books, the book is not just a collection of words it's the source of full of positivity. If you want to feel calm and distract your mind then read a book, any article, or your favorite addition for a few minutes every day.

Books are better than fake people, they can be your good friends. Reading is increased your confidence.


it's not important to do hard work all time. Sometimes break is important for your self. So when you don't want to do any work then leave it, never force yourself to do that. Do again when you feel relax.

Do what you love and relax your mind.

Go to bed on time:-

8 hours nap is essential for good health, try to sleep early in the night. Stop doing extra work at night, the night is a time where you can relax your self. Never sleep late at night, it's harming your mental health.

No phone time:-

The overuse of mobile damage your mind, use your phone only for your work. Put your phone during your free time.

We just forget to live our valuable time due to the phone.

Spent time outside:-

The best relaxing thing is that break your schedule and go outside for some time.

Go outside and spent your time with your loved one, enjoy fresh air, listen to a beautiful voice of birds. If you can drive to the beach then go there and sit for some moments. This will be the best medicine and meditation for you.

Skincare routine:-

Nothing is complete without caring for yourself, tend yourself, care your skin. Develop usual skin routine before going outside and before sleeping at night. Good skin is part of your personality.

Wake up on time:-

Waking up early is the best habit of your entire routine. I know it's not easy to wake up in the early morning. But for your simplify day you have to do it. 

Time of early morning is the precious time of the whole day, wake up early and enjoy the good weather of the morning.

When you wake up in the morning your all the work will be complete at the right time.

Listen to music:-

Good music is a great therapy for a peaceful mind, listen to your favorite music when you feel anxious you feel better. 

If you are a student then listen to music before reading and doing your work. Music can change your way of thinking, music is a feeling.

2. Health :

Good health is an important essential of our life, whatever we do physically or mentally it's based on our applicable health.

This is the next step of simplifying life, focusing on your health is a major part of life.

Anxiety attack, depression, etc. arrive just because of our tropical viewpoint.

Whatever we are and whatever we can do it just because of our physical and mental health. First, solve your health issues before solving any problem in your life.


I like to suggest workout for powerful stamina, do exercise for mental health.

Exercise increases your self-appreciation, it's helpful to sharping your memory and thinking, you can sleep better after work out.

Work out decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety, it peacefully simplifies your life.

Good food:-

We all love good food, but the question is how much your food is healthy? we love to eat spicy and junk food mostly is it healthy for your body.

How is it helpful to simplify your routine? The answer is simple our good health is depending on what we eat in a day.

Eat good food in a proper quantity, it helps you to make strong and healthy. Avoid junk food and take fresh fruit in your morning breakfast. Decent eats maintains your body and physical strength.

Water consumption:-

You think how water is helpful for good health, doctors are advised to drink water first then food. Water is essential for stamina.

Water supports heart fitness and increases circulations, water flushes out toxins from our body and improves tone. Our human body needs 50% of water for our strength, so drink more water.

No smoking no alcohol:-

Here we are talking about health which is helpful to protect our body and mind. Too much drink of alcohol and smoking is injurious for health, I know it is not easy to left.

let's see the advantages of quitting alcohol and smoking.

  • You can re-wire your brain so surely you can be breaking the cycle of taking alcohol and smoking.
  • Your smile will be more radiant and bright.
  • Your muscles will have more access to oxygen, gaining them stronger.
  • night version will grow and you can sleep better.
  • can overcome the risk of cracking your bones.

Never forget that good health is the second protection of human lives. It can simplify your life if you can caring properly.

3. Daily tasks: helps you to simplify your life

I am an Indian and as per our Indian culture, I believe in self depending work. Daily tasks are not just duty for us but we are doing it as a good habit.

The daily task can crack your bad mood because when you start to do that your mind will be stuck on that to do.

Every people have a different schedule of their daily task, here I show the list of essential daily task, which can follow anybody regularly.

Even I follow it, my working hours are 5 hours and I set it according to my job routine. And without any difficulties, I simply follow my daily task routine. 

Proudly I say that my daily task is the one the most genuine quality in my life and it always encourages me to simplify my day and my career. Genuinely, I believe in this, nothing is valuable than your self tasks.


Prayer, you think how prayer can be part of your daily task, I already say that as per my culture I believe to do every work in a meaningful way.

So when I wake up in the morning I do a morning prayer. Prayer makes me peaceful, confident, and passionate about the new day of my life.

This is the first form of my daily task. Then I will do every work according to my schedule.

Prayer always helps me to believe in everything.

Make homemade breakfast and lunch:-

As I told you before health is everything so eating a portion of healthy food and homemade food. Make breakfast for yourself and ate it.

If you are doing a job then make lunch for your office and pack it properly and carry it with you at the office.

Cooking lunch and breakfast is the most amazing liveliness of the whole daily task.

It's also beneficial for our health and pocket because the homemade food's costs are too more limited than the hotel's meal charges and comparatively junk food and other outside's food homemade food is very healthy and less high-priced.

Tidied house:-

The most important task from the daily task is that tidied the house. Some people are lazy to do this and some are conscious of that.

I love to maintain and clean the house. In our Indian culture tidied home is another house of God. A tidy house is another shadow of your habits.

If you are busy with your work then manage your working hours. 

I always do the after coming home, it's the best relaxation work, and exercising work for the body.


we all are looking solution for simplifying our life, because we think we are in a big problem but which problem? We are not in a problem we are just creating a problem for us.

Our high expectations, comparison with others, high money requirements are occurring problems in our life.

There is no other solution than normal life. We forget to learn something new for us, we don't compliment ourselves. We are forgetting to build and maintain relationships because we want to run.

But real life is around us, the solution is only us. Our good life's motives can achieve success and simplify our life.

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