How to stop overthinking and worrying

How to stop overthinking and worrying

stop overthinking and worrying: out of 365 days find out the days about your satisfaction.

Is it possible for counting? Okay then tell me out of 100% how’s your all days are going? All your answers will be not similar because you cant stay stable every day. The reason for that difficulty is overthinking and over worrying.

Our all human problem is we cant surely dealing with our problem. we always get out justifications to avoid the way of more beneficial result of difficulties.

we are overthinking about our bad days and block our positive thought. We think overmuch because of bad times. it's okay to be with problems but worry causes many problems and it harms your mental and physical health.

So what's important for you? your self-importance or those few bad moments of your 100% good days?

Only you can choose which thing is better for your self. Nobody destroys your inside power. Be powerful with your mental strength, never think of overmuch just because of the irrational bad period of your life, never worrying, and never blame yourself just because of losing down.

Overthinking ruins you.

It ruins the situation, It twists things around, It makes you worry, It just makes everything worse than it actually is.
                                                                                                       -KAREN SALMANSOHN

I got one thing from my experience that is, " Bad days are signs of good days and great turning point so never avoid those signs which will give you more immeasurable victory". so no worry no think overmuch just wander in that direction.

let's see some keys for guiding How to stop overthinking and worrying.

stop overthinking and worrying

Write things which make you confident

The all the successful people's secret is daily writing diary and notes.

Yes, when you are in your distressed mood then begin to write, not but regarding obstacles but write things which make you confident, write on some of your good memory, write your daily routine and write what you observe and what you can do for yourself.

When you just feel terrible these good words bring back your power, you can praise yourself.

You feel relax during writing because you share your emotions and your problem with your self by using writing.

Prepare a time to think concerning it

yes, every problem has a solution, during depression people feel sad, anxious, or irritable, it causes because of overthinking to those problems.

So make a plan to think about it and finding out solution about. Don't discuss it with anyone the whole day.

I spent a few minutes in a day to solve this. And think about how you can be out of that circumstance. Allow yourself 15 minutes to think about it.

To stop overthinking and worrying: Divert yourself

Sometimes the bad mood destroyed loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities.

Divert your mood to do entertaining for yourself, do what you like, read a book and if you like to draw then draw and, listen to peaceful music, watching a funny video, do meditate for 10-15 minutes.

Sometimes work talking to a friend. Not just your mind is diverted but you will get something, you feel hopeful and grow a deeper stable.

Constantly tell yourself "Stop"

No one can stop yourself except you to do anything and to think about anything.

Occasionally you may need to firmly tell yourself to stop thinking about something.

Locking a rubber band against your wrist works the same purpose. it's almost a wake-up call to disturb yourself to think and act differently.

Stop to think about distressing moments, stay in a happy mood and talk to yourself, and motivate you with your thoughts.

Care your Physical and Mental health

overmuch worrying impact on our health, so never forget to care about mental and physical health.

Tips are caring for mental health:

  • write a list of all of the things you are great for.
  • Spend time with family.
  • Dream a little- build a list of Goals.
  • Learn to do something different skills.
  • Turn off your phone or don't move on social media for the rest of the day.

Tips are caring for physical health:

  • Go outside for a walk.
  • Take a nice, hot, shower.
  • Make your own meal.
  • Visit your favorite place.
  • Take a 15 minutes workout that helps to concentrate on the mind.
So never think overmuch related to your problems, you are not a burden. It is okay to be struggling, it is okay to tell people you are struggling.

Don't suffer in silence. Tell someone. Get help. The world is more beautiful because you are in it. You are no limitation to recovery.

"Stop overthinking, put more energy on what you really want to do.”

                                                                                                           -Amit Ray

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