Powerful words that will give you life motivation

Powerful words that will give you life motivation: If someone asks you that, are you worried? are you bored with your work? are you always happy? do you remember to laugh even in bad situations? do you forgive and forget to hate people? are you satisfied with what you are?

and in the end, the answer to all these questions is“No”. Because we have accepted all these things by saying yes.

All this leads to a negative thought. Which powerful words that will give you life motivation? have you ever think about this.

“I CAN’T DO THIS”, every one of our decisions is based on this one word.

By accepting all this, it became our nature to consider ourselves needy.

We don't think to move out of this all, because we have learned to live in the same place.
When we are unhappy, when something bad happens to us, we feel guilty.

It's a good thing to admit mistakes, but it's important to get out of it and make a small start with powerful energy.

Powerful words that will give you life motivation

here I represent my own story by some powerful words that will give you life motivation.

which helped me to move out, which helped me to motivate me, which helped me to make strong women, which helped me to live proudly, which helped me to make laughing in every problem, which helped me to love my self always.


Powerful words that will give you life motivation and love

Love is our favorite word, do you think there is a relationship between love and motivation? I am saying yes.

When I finished my study, I had no idea what to do, I was sitting without doing any work, I was spending most of the time on social media, I was started to angry, I started to hate my self because I wanted to do different, but it's not possible anything without trying.

I did never tried because I felt lost and depressed.

After some time I motivated myself, I started reading "Bhagavad-Gita" and motivational movies, articles, and books.

It's just not tricks for motivating yourself but it's the one kind of way to find yourself and love your soul. when you do some of your favorite things then you started to love everything around yourself. I started to love myself.

“According to me love is the powerful word which is alive in humans' emotions and it helps motivate  to live human.”
             - Aishwarya Mavani

Time Management

time management

There is a large difference between time and time management, when you are doing anything without any reason then that moment of time is not worth it, but when you are doing anything intensely then have proper time management.

I started to loved my self, then realized I can do anything that I want to do and that time I began to blogging but it's not the end.

When you do something important for your self and for your better future then you will have to be serious for proper managing of time, and I failed to managed time, but the right time teaches true lessons.

And time management was being the second powerful characteristic of my other lesson of life.

I didn't prepare time table but I spent all the important times to doing valuable work, I also spent a few minutes for entertaining and began to spend less time on social media.

Before managing the time you should have to manage to your self, that's why time management being a powerful motivation the thing for my dream.

“Time is none refundable. Use it with intention.”



life is nothing without goals, there is a reason behind what are we doing, we all have our own skills, and skills turn into our dream, It must be a goal to do something in life because the goal of doing something is to keep alive to human.

Find your skills to achieve your dreams, your goal. After believing in myself and time management then the third thing which motivates me and which changed my life is my goal.

The goal achieved what you want to become in your life.

The goal means while you doing focus and achieve to become than how much you can update yourself and sacrifice efforts. I noticed this when I started to write blogging then I felt that I get my new vision.

you sacrifice lots of things and focus that, you ignore the problem, you try to modify every mistake because that is satisfying of your life.

“Don’t stop until you are proud”



when you start learning then Each and every moment is teaching you.learning is not about the syllabus of education.we should have to learn the lessons of life by the experience of failed in the past.

Nothing is possible without learning, it doesn't matter what you learn but learn something which makes your life reliable.

Why are we learning?

We are not learning for better results but we are learning for a better experience of learning, and experience makes perfect.

For me The writing was only working when I deeply studied about this then I got more knowledge for my blogging.do you know learning is not just not provide knowledge it makes you confident.

It does not matter you are rich or poor but a powerful knowledge makes you wealthy.

“Change is the end result of all true learning “.
        -Leo Buscaglia

Powerful words that will give you life motivation: Hope


Success is nothing without being hopefully, we want a quick success in everything.

We don’t get success always, every successful story is based on the lessons of hope, hopes that makes us passionate about achieving the dream.

Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.

It’s a powerful medicine to getting your vision, hope doesn’t let you down.

Hope is the powerful key for opening the door of your achievement, hope always motivate to doing more work for the goal of our life.

 “ Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness”

                  -Desmond tutu

For doing the next level for my work these five words always motivate me, yes I also lost many times but I have never forgotten to believe in my self.

I learn everyday from myself, people, and from the nature of this beautiful planet.

we all want to achieve our goals but in this process of achieving we forget to laugh, to learn, to create, to think, to spent a few minutes for ourselves.

But the moral of the story is that these all-powerful things will help and motivate to you achieve.

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