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Every  picture tells a story,photography story
photography story

Every  picture tells a story

Yes, every picture tells a story, not just a story but a picture also can share emotions. I know you think about how one picture can tell stories and emotions??

A picture is a memory which captures the moment of happiness, a moment of silence, a moment of sadness, it captures every real moment.

so here I share the story of my pictures, in this story, every picture tells a story

There is no special reason for doing any favorite work, yes you never wait for a definite decision or age to do your favorite work. and this is how I did start to capture the moments.

On the way to connect with God

Every  picture tells a story,On the way to connect with God

Inside the picture of the temple is located in Madhya Pradesh'ss "Ahilyabai fort". Usually, I like to capture real moments.

In this picture, a priest is entering the temple to worship God in the temple. looking at the priest, it seems that its main purpose is not only worship but also something more intimate with God.

As if both the temple and its heart are connected together. And the carvings and doors of the main gate of that temple also welcome these sentiments

In prayer, it’s better to have a heart without words than words without a heart.”

Shadow of  Happiness

Every  picture tells a story,Shadow of  Happiness

This is one of my favorite pictures from my kutch diary. I captured this photo from the street of “bhujodi Kala Dham” which is located in Bhuj.

Bhujodi Kala Dham is famous in kutch for its handicrafts, where people embroider with their own hands and this is a part of their culture.

The joy of the children playing in the small street has become a shadow of the winter evening sun. India is a country where people's small joys and their feelings are intertwined with culture.

 The children playing in the small streets seem to have created a different color of their own.

look at the world with the child’s eye-it’s very beautiful.” 
                        - Kailash Satyarthi. 

Every picture tells a story: Tea


Tea !! if you have never heard this word then I would like to say that for Indians tea is another soul. I have taken a picture of hot tea from "Mandvi beach".

It was a winter morning and winter morning is incomplete without tea. the winter morning, the mild cold, the aroma of tea have filled the atmosphere with many colors.

And in the end, you can't stop yourself from drinking tea. yes, and this picture of tea describes this thing.

Tea is like the culture of India, which attracts anyone to itself.

“There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be diminished by a nice cup of tea.”.      
-Bernard Paul 

So, this is my favorite photo story.

Every Image has its own different story.

There is something hidden inside each of these pictures. Any picture connects people to people’s lives, people’s culture, people’s feelings, people’s memories.

We didn’t realize we were making memories. we just knew we were having fun of capturing moments. 

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